selected production projects

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I helped produce the 5th season of NPR’s Invisibilia, which premiered in March 2019. You can listen to the season here.

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I was the assistant editor and archivist for Stitcher & Limina House’s UnErased, a short-run series about the history of gay conversion therapy in the United States. UnErased was reported and hosted by Jad Abumrad.

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Been there

In 2016, I helped pilot and produce Been There: Lessons from a Shared Experience, a special segment for All Things Considered developed through NPR’s Story Lab. Listen to Been There here.

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Gender Reveal

I helped produce, mix, and edit the first episodes of Molly Woodstock’s Gender Reveal, a weekly podcast featuring nonbinary and trans artists and educators.

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Imagine If

I was the founding producer for Imagine If, a podcast about climate resiliency made for teens. Imagine If was made for the North American Association for Environmental Education with support from National Geographic. Listen here.


The Dig

The Dig is a podcast from Jacobin Magazine. Hosted by journalist Dan Denvir, The Dig features interviews with smart people about politics, criminal justice, immigration and class conflict. I engineered the show in 2016.

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RIPR testimonies

I was commissioned to create a series of tiny stories featuring the voices of community members who donate to Rhode Island Public Radio. The series aired as part of RIPR’s pledge drive in 2016.