Liza Yeager is an independent audio producer. She’s made stories for NPR, WNYC, Oregon Public Broadcasting and Radiotopia’s 99 Percent Invisible, among other outlets.

Recently: Liza helped produce the fifth season of NPR’s Invisibilia, and was the assistant editor for Stitcher’s Unerased, hosted by Jad Abumrad.

In the past: Liza used to be an intern for Radiolab. She was also a production assistant for Oregon Public Broadcasting’s arts and culture show, State of Wonder, the first-ever intern for NPR’s Story Lab, and an audio engineer for Jacobin Magazine’s The Dig.

Before that: In 2014, Liza co-founded Now Here This, a student audio storytelling collective based at Brown University. Now Here This has been featured on, and NHT pieces have won awards from the New York Times, PRX, the Society of Professional Journalists, and more.

Liza holds a BA in American Studies from Brown University, where she won the Casey Shearer Memorial Award for Excellence in Creative Nonfiction.

email:; twitter: @liza_yeager